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Tolomatic –

About Tolomatic

Tolomatic Excellence in Motion® is the motto that has guided the company for over 60 years. Tolomatic is a US company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative automation components. From transmission and brakes to pneumatic actuators and complete systems of electric linear motion control, Tolomatic solutions are used in areas such as aviation and defense equipment, agriculture and forestry, in the automotive and transport industries, in the food industry, tool processing, semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas production and many other areas. The company is renowned for its high-quality products, certified by ISO9001: 2008 obtained for the company’s production sites. Additionally every six months there are performed audits to confirm the compatibility of manufacturing and quality process with the certificate. Tolomatic also prides itself on the fact that 35% of production are devices not found in a standard catalog but have been designed according to individual customer specifications. This 35% is the company’s key strategy.

Tolomatic products

Tolomatic offers its products in three groups; Electric Linear Motion Control, Pneumatic Linear Actuators and Power Transmission. Electric linear motion control includes solutions such as  rodless electromechanical screw actuators (Linear Screw Actuators Series MXE-S, MXE-P, B3S, TKS, BCS/MCS, SLS/MLS) and belt driven actuators (Linear Belt Actuators series MXB-U, MXB-P, MXB-S, B3W, TKB), electric rod actuators (Electric Rod actuators Series ERD, ERD-SS2, RSA/RSM, IMA, GSA/GSM ICR) sets of motors/drives/gearheads (series ACS ICM), planetary gearheads and welding actuators ServoWeld® Series GSWA 33 and GSWA 44. In terms of linear pneumatic actuators you can find products such as  rodless pneumatic band and slide cylinders (Band Cylinders & Slides Series MXP-N, MXP-S, MXP-P, BC3, BC2, LS, LC100), magnetic linear actuators (Magnetic Linear Actuators MG and MGS) and single and double acting cable cylinders, double purchase pulley actuator, as well as track cable cylinders. The last items in this group are pneumatic thrusters Power-Block and Power-Block 2. Power transmission group includes pneumatic industrial caliper brakes (Series P10, P20, P220), hydraulic (H10, H20, H220, H220I, H441, H960), mechanical (ME10, ME20, ME220, MB3), hydraulic/mechanical (H/ME20, H/ME220) and spring-applied brakes (FS20, FS220B, FS220C3, FS220BI, FS220CI, FS595). Next there are industrial cone clutches (Industrial Cone Clutches Series 1207, 1307D, 1208, 1308D, 1209, 1309C), as well as industrial gearboxes (Industrial Gearboxes Float-A-Shaft® and Slide-Rite®).

To get the full Tolomatic’s offer we encourage you to contact our sales department, as well as visit Tolomatic website at the address indicated below:

Показати коди товарівПриховати коди товарів
0223-0200 - TOLOMATIC Gearbox Coupling Country of Origin: USA0720-1024 - TOLOMATIC Brake Pads Country of Origin: USA7350100 - TOLOMATIC P220DA Assy Country of Origin: USA2506-9999 - TOLOMATIC Clamp And Screw Country of Origin: USA
3600-9084 - TOLOMATIC Sensor SS 9-267-03-SS Country of Origin: USA7400019 - TOLOMATIC Brake FS220BL Country of Origin: USA7400021 - TOLOMATIC Brake FS220BE Country of Origin: USABC212SK6.000 HDB - TOLOMATIC Actuator Country of Origin: USA
BC220SK40.000 HDB - TOLOMATIC Actuator Country of Origin: USABC2MM12SK132 - TOLOMATIC Slideway BC2 Model 32mm bore stroke length 132.992 In Country of Origin: USARKBC212SK6.000 - TOLOMATIC Repair Kit Country of Origin: USARKBC220SK40.000 - TOLOMATIC Repair Kit Country of Origin: USA
RKCC30SK135 - TOLOMATIC Repair Kit with cables & Seals Country of Origin: USAERD - TOLOMATIC Rod-Style ActuatorICR - TOLOMATIC Integrated Control Rod-Style ActuatorRSA - TOLOMATIC Rod-Style Actuator
GSA - TOLOMATIC Guided Rod-Style ActuatorERD-SS2 - TOLOMATIC Stainless Steel Electric Actuators with Protective Motor EnclosureRSM - TOLOMATIC Electric Rod ActuatorGSM - TOLOMATIC Linear Slide Actuator
IMA - TOLOMATIC Linear Servo ActuatorMXE-S - TOLOMATIC Screw ActuatorICR - TOLOMATIC SmartActuator®MXB-U - TOLOMATIC Unguided Belt Driven Actuator
MXE-P - TOLOMATIC Screw Driven ActuatorMXB-P - TOLOMATIC Heavy Duty Linear ActuatorB3S - TOLOMATIC Ball Screw Linear ActuatorMXB-S - TOLOMATIC Linear Belt Drive Actuator
B3W - TOLOMATIC Linear Belt-Drive ActuatorTKS - TOLOMATIC Precision Linear Actuators for X-Y Tables and StagesTKB - TOLOMATIC Precision Linear StageBCS - TOLOMATIC Rodless Screw Actuator
MCS - TOLOMATIC Rodless Screw ActuatorSLS - TOLOMATIC Electric Linear Slide ActuatorMLS - TOLOMATIC Electric Linear Slide ActuatorGSWA 33 & 33 - TOLOMATIC Guided ServoWeld®
GSWA 44 & 04 - TOLOMATIC ServoWeld®ICM Plus - TOLOMATIC All-in-one Servo ControlACS - TOLOMATIC Servo Drive / Servo Controller and MotorsMXP-N - TOLOMATIC Internal Bearing Compact Air Cylinder
MXP-S - TOLOMATIC Long Stroke Pneumatic Air CylinderMXP-P - TOLOMATIC Profiled Rail Air ActuatorBC3 - TOLOMATIC Heavy Duty Pneumatic ActuatorBC2 - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Band Cylinder
LS - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Linear SlideLC100 - TOLOMATIC Low Cost Band CylinderMG - TOLOMATIC Magnetic Linear CylinderMGS - TOLOMATIC Magnetic Linear Slide
Slide-Rite® - TOLOMATIC Tolomatic's compact Slide-Rite® gearboxFloat-a-Shaft® - TOLOMATIC Float-a-Shaft® Compact GearboxesP10 Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Caliper BrakeP20 Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Caliper Brake
P220 Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Caliper BrakeH10 Series - TOLOMATIC Hydraulic Disc BrakeH20 Series - TOLOMATIC Hydraulic Disc BrakeH220 Series - TOLOMATIC Hydraulic Disc Brake
H220I Series - TOLOMATIC Cast Iron Hydraulic Disc BrakeH441 Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Hydraulic Disc BrakeH960 Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Hydraulic Disc BrakeH/ME20 Series - TOLOMATIC Hydraulic/Mechanical Brake
H/ME220 Series - TOLOMATIC Hydraulic/Mechanical BrakeME10 Series - TOLOMATIC Mechanical Disc BrakeME20 Series - TOLOMATIC Mechanical Disc BrakeME220 Series - TOLOMATIC Mechanical Disc Brake
MB3 Series - TOLOMATIC Mechanical Disc BrakeFS20 Series - TOLOMATIC Spring Applied Disc BrakeFS220B - TOLOMATIC Spring Applied Disc BrakeFS220C - TOLOMATIC Aluminum Spring Applied Brake
FS220BI Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc BrakeFS220CI Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc BrakeFS595 Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc BrakeFS595 Dual Series - TOLOMATIC Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc Brake
1207 Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Cone Clutches1307D Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Cone Clutches1308D Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Cone Clutches1209 Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Cone Clutches
1309C Series - TOLOMATIC Pneumatic Cone Clutches