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Rectus Polska

Rectus Polska

Rectus Poland is one of the leaders in the pneumatics business.


It is an international company offering the products of such global brands as: Rectus, Talkob, Tema, Pneumax, Omal, ACL, M&M, Nycoil, Faster.

Rectus Poland’s strength resides in the state-of-the-art, high-quality products, continuously and robustly growing production of finished goods, and competitive prices. Pneumatic solutions find their applications in a number of industrial disciplines. Rectus Poland’s product offering covers a broad range of quick-fit connections, RQS pneumatic accessories, Nicoil polyamide and polyurethane (PA/PU) cables, ACL solenoid valves and M&M TURBO dedusting system components. Rectus Poland also offers industrial valves by Omal Automation and Dansk Ventil Centrer, as well as CEAP foot-operated gates, M&M angular valves, AKO pinch valves, Rifox steam separators and Purtorq blade pneumatic drives. To meet the expectations of its customers, Rectus Poland expanded its offering to add hydraulic products. It comprises connections with Conexa clamping ring, pipe holders, Tema and Faster quick-fit connections. Relying on its long track record, the company offers premium instrumentation products, such as DK-LOK connections and valves, pipes, O-Bien racks and shields, Serto connections and valves, as well as Tescom reducers and valves.


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