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Згорнути дерево товарРозгорнути дерево товарів



Gefran – a leader in the field of automation and production of components for industrial process control, with 40 years’ experience.

Gefran is synonymous with quality and expertise in design and production of sensors, control devices, systems and drive units. All this has been achieved through constant research of the market in search of customers’ needs, and via continuous professional development of our technical team.

Gefran has a wide range of advanced products. This allows the client to choose from almost all types of industrial automation devices, and ensures the availability of ideal solutions for the designed applications.

Gefran offers the best solutions which ensure optimum performance and enhanced output of any industrial application, and on top of its product range offer ensures vital technical support from its experts.

Gefran cooperates with many European research centers and universities, and invests heavily in many R&D projects, which helps the company to constantly develop its products and services with the aim to always satisfy its clients’ needs.

The company’s main headquarters is in Italy. The company has a total of 900 employees in total in various locations around the world. The company operates directly in 14 countries and has 8 manufacturing plants. The company can sell its products all around the world via its network of 70 authorized distributors. Since 1998, the company is listed on the Milanese stock exchange

Gefran products can be divided generally into:

Temperature, pressure, force and position transmitters

Automation components, regulators, indicators

Automation platforms, PLC controllers, and HMI operator panels

Drive units, frequency converters


We also encourage you to visit the manufacturer’s website: