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Rogers Industrial Products

Rogers Industrial Products

Rogers Industrial Products –

About Rogers Industrial Products

For over 30 years Rogers Industrial Products has been specializing in the production of tire curing presses for the tire industry. Initially, the company dealt only with the remodeling of existing presses. During the remodelling process engineers from Rogers Industrial Products found strengths and weaknesses of the presses. Thanks to the knowledge and use of the latest technology, they developed and built in 1989 the best at that time vulcanization press M-Class equipped with a form for tires up to 52″.

Rogers M-Class press won the appreciation of customers and replaced the conventional mechanical presses. Since that time the company has focused on improving its products and adapting them to customer requirements which resulted in presented in 1990 Rogers SS1 tilt-back and Rogers SB1 slide-back presses. These presses have been designed in accordance with “Infinite Life” or lifetime use principle (in practice, it means that the structure of the machine shows fatigue after 1 million cycles). The latest achievement of the company is a hydraulic press H200T, which is equipped with leak-proof hydraulics (free of leaks), the structure has no structural welds, and the number of device components has been limited to a minimum. These effects of these improvements are faster operation cycles, minimal maintenance, higher product quality and more compact structure, thanks to which the 52” press can fit in the space for mechanical 42” or 45” presses.

Rogers Industrial Products, apart from the production of the highest quality hydraulic presses, is active in several additional areas, such as:

– Production of press components and upgrades, among others, mold preheaters, squeeze calibration systems, automatic tire unloaders, precision green tire loaders, and chucks, as well as ergonomic green tire holders and lifts.

– Production of conversion kits for tire curing presses allowing to adapt the old models of presses to the latest parameters and requirements for tire production

– Structural parts for tire curing presses such as steam domes, side plates, crank mechanisms, supports and other (all made and designed according to the principle of “Infinite Life”).

Of course, Rogers Industrial Products continues the production in which it has been specializing since its beginning (for over 55 years), which is the production of spare parts for all types of presses. Among these parts you will find such items as electrical switches, timers, panels, motors, starters, sensors, valves, actuators, mechanical meters, bushings and many others. Rogers Industrial Products continues to provide reconstructions and renovations of curing presses, as well as PCI rebuilds.

For more information, it is advised to visit Rogers Industrial Products website at the address below: