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ACE Controls

ACE Controls

ACE Controls is an American manufacturer focusing on  ACE shock absorbers production and accessories dedicated to industrial applications.

ACE Controls is a recognized manufacturer, which offers hydraulic absorbers, elastomer bumpers, safety shock absorbers, rotary or linear dampers, hydraulic dampers, hydraulic feed controls and industrial gas springs. ACE shock absorbers are applied in all industrial fields, where are required – shock absorption and damping of different types of mechanical vibrations (free, forced, linear, nonlinear). The examples of application can be found in many industries: airline, manufacturing, construction, automotive, railway, food or in heavy industry. ACE products are also used in some simple applications, providing smooth controlled deceleration during the closing of heavy covers, hatches or flaps. In the industry, the most popular are MA series with adjustable shock absorbers and self-compensating MC, SC or SC2 series (eg. MA 3325S , MA 4550S ). The manufacturer also supplies ACE heavy industrial absorbers for demanding applications such as cushioning of heavy loads with high velocities. There are also industrial applications for hydraulic or rotary dumpers. Same as the shock absorbers, these component are ready to use and maintenance-free. Other interesting products are motion controls that can be used in a number of applications, for example – for deceleration of the movement. On the other hand, the use of industrial gas springs from ACE allows to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength.

ACE shock absorbers are remarkable, highly recognized by market and top quality in industrial applications. For our customers, since a few years we provide not only ACE absorbers , but also other devices from the company’s portfolio.


Показати коди товарівПриховати коди товарів
250-0028 - ACE SQ Flange250-0233 - ACE CONTROLS Nut NM45250-0276 - ACE Stop collar250-0277 - ACE Flanged stop collar
250-0292 - ACE Lock Nut250-0297 - ACE CONTROLS Lock Nut MA 45250-0301 - ACE Lock nut metric (NM64)250-0315 - ACE Nut (KM10)
250-0410 - ACE Collar250-0739 - ACE Side load adapter (BV4525)MA 3325 - ACE Absorber (A1/2X1)MA 3325-S - ACE SHOCK ABSORBER
MA 3350 M - ACE Shock AbsorberMA 3650M - ACE AbsorberMA 45 - ACE CONTROLS LocknutMA 4525 - ACE Shock Absorber (A3/4x1 4.174.098)
MA 4575 - ACE AbsorberMA 64100M - ACE Shock absorber,MA 64150M - ACE AbsorberMA-3325S - ACE CONTROLS Shock Absorber
MA-3350 - ACE Shock absorber, hydraulic 1/2 bore x 2" strokeMA-335S - ACE CONTROLS Shock AbsorberMA-4525-RF - ACE AbsorberMA-4575M - ACE CONTROLS Shock Absorber
MA-900-M - ACE AbsorberMA3325-S - ACE CONTROLS Ahock Absorber A1/2X1-SMA4550-S - ACE CONTROLS Shock AbsorberMA64100 - ACE CONTROLS Shock Absorber
MC 3350M-3 - ACE Shock AbsorberMC 4525M-3 - ACE Shock absorberMC 4525M-4 - ACE Shock AbsorberMC 4550M-3 - ACE Shock absorber,
MC 4575M-3 - ACE Shock AbsorberMC 4575M-4 - ACE AbsorberMC-150-MH - ACE Shock Absorber M14x1.5MC-225-MH-B - ACE Shock Absorber
MC-225MHB+250-0410 - ACE Shock Absorber and Collar (MC225MH+PP225+AH20)MC-4550-M3 - ACE Shock AbsorberMC-600-MH - ACE Shock AbsorberMC-600M - ACE Shock absorber
MC-600MH-2 - ACE Shock AbsorberMC150MH - ACE CONTROLS Shock AbsorberMC3350M-3-2157 - ACE CONTROLS Shock AbsorberMC4525-M4 - ACE CONTROLS Shock Absorber
MC600M - ACE Shock AbsorberMC64100M-3 - ACE Shock absorber equipped with locknut M64 x 2ML 3325 - ACE Shock AbsorberML 3325 M - ACE Shock Absorber
SC25M-5 - Adjustable Miniature Shock AbsorberSC25M-6 - Adjustable Miniature Shock AbsorberSC25M-7 - Adjustable Miniature Shock AbsorberSC300-M8 - ACE CONTROLS Shock Absorber
SC300M-6 - ACE Shock AbsorberSC300M8 - ACE Shock AbsorberSC650M-8 - ACE Shock AbsorberVC2555-F - ACE Velocity Controller