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Sick is one of the leading global manufacturers of safety systems, sensors and RFID.

The company was established by Edward Sick in Germany in 1946, and now its products are globally recognized. Sick prides itself on being the first company in the world to develop an optical sensor. The company offers high-quality solutions for industrial automation and other segments such as building systems, automatic identification, airports, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industry, and a host of other daily-life applications. The company’s offering can be classified into a dozen or so segments, starting with photo relays, through to proximity sensors, measurement curtains up to  software and maintenance.

Key products of the company include measuring devices, such as inductive, capacitative and magnetic sensors used for numerous industrial applications, such as production lines, and for food and pharmaceutical industries, where stainless-steel sensors are required. Another important product by Sick are photorelays, offered by the company in a large number of options, including Mini, Small and Compact series, which can be adapted and used where space is limited. There are also applications that require sensors that withstand adverse operating conditions, such as dusting, or sensors suitable for explosion zones. These are also offered by Sick. The company is also a provider of industrial safety systems. These are opto-electronic protective devices, such as scanners, curtains, security cameras and barriers. Safety switches as well as production process control modules and controllers are also worth mentioning here. Sick expands its offer of RFID identification products. Whenever there is a quick-running production process, we currently require sophisticated devices for reading and recording of data, which is exactly what the company offers. Its product range also includes automatic, 1D barcode scanners, 1D/2D/OCR camera scanners, and hand-held scanners. The products by Sick find their application whenever items need to be detected and counted. Its leading products also include measuring curtains, classified into three groups:  Standard, Advanced and Smart. Depending on the type, range, detection time and resolution, you can select a device suitable for a given application that will perform superbly and optimize the production process. Importantly, Sick offers non-standard applications for customers that require more complex solutions.


The company continuously expands its product range by adding new solutions to ensure the smoothest and fastest production process, data transmission and safety.

Product portfolio:

  1. Photo relays
  2. Electromagnetic cylinder sensors
  3. Registration sensors
  4. Range distance sensors
  5. Measuring automation light grids
  6. Fluid sensors (Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature)
  7. Laser measurement scanners
  8. Identiification solutions – Bar code scanners, Hand-held scanners, RFID, Image-based code readers
  9. Encoders
  10. Motor feedback systems
  11. Opto-electronic protective devices
  12. Safety switches
  13. sens:Control – safe control solutions
  14. Vision solutions -2D and 3D series
  15. Ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices

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