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Siemens is a global company that includes such divisions like P ower G eneration , Automation of  P roduction Processes , Power T ransmission & Power Distribution with Smart Grid of network solutions.


Siemens has developed a new innovative management platform for equipment and products supply process – Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) . Open architecture of the system covers the entire production process and offers maximum cooperation in all components of Industrial Automation . This is possible through consistent data management, global standards and unified interfaces for hardware and software. These common features allow you to minimize the time for design. As a result, we get lower production costs, faster implementation of new projects and greater flexibility on the market.


As manufacturer Siemens offers a full range of services, products and solutions, from products intended for direct sale, comprehensive solutions for I ndustry . Basic offer brings complete solutions for Power Generation , Control , Production M anagement and F acilit y Maintenance .


Siemens is the market leader for industry solutions , mainly in the Programmable Controllers area. The whole family of S7 controllers applies the latest trends in  Automation of p roduction processes .


Siemens has an  Automation Division , offering products from SIMATIC, SIRIUS series, Process measurement and data transmission and Safety Integrated . All divisions take part in process of component integration into one complex machine. So we have products such as Siemens HMI panels, SIMATIC controllers, SIRIUS contactors. The key element of a machine is a controller, which is why the Siemens Company provides comprehensive solutions like SIMATIC Controllers.