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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the international leaders in energy management.

Schneider Electric (SE) is a global company, specializing in energy management and delivery of electrical equipment to its customers in over 100 countries around the world. Integrated SE solutions are dedicated to many segments and industries. For several decades the company has taken a leading position among the manufacturers in the field of energy and infrastructure. Solutions that have all kinds of applications for industrial processes automation and data processing centers, involving such brands in its offer as Telemecanique, Square D, Sarel, APC or Merlin Gerin are appreciated by even the most demanding companies. Rich offers for housing construction and smart buildings associated with such brands as Elda, Pelco or TAC also gained the customer approval and trust. For years, the company has focused its actions on efficiency and effectiveness in the use of energy resources. Energy Efficiency has become the significant domain for the SE in recent years. The company is firmly committed to improving its solutions and products by focusing on energy efficiency. In SE product catalogs you can also find brands such as Elau whether Berger Lahr, which feature accuracy and precision of operation. Bearing in mind the safety and productivity of its customers, the company continuously improves its solutions and products by entering more and newer series and variety of devices that your parameters often set new standards in the industry.

In 2012, taking advantage of all opportunities and global presence the manufacturer integrated its own brands, such as the Merlin Gerin, Telemecanique, Sarel or Square D and merged into one global Schneider Electric brand. The global brand combined with APC, TAC, Pelco or Elda (which were acquired and incorporated into its structure), formed the leader among manufacturers for the electrical industry. In 2012, Group revenue reached the level of 24 billion euros, confirming its strong position in the market. The production plants of old brands such as Merlin Gerin, Sarel and Telemecanique are located on several continents to give employment to thousands of people. Schneider Electric team of 140 000 employees are constantly involved in their actions, focusing on the satisfaction of its customers and efficient use of their energy.


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